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Welcome to the Phantomhives OVA translation
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Thread: Welcome to the Phantomhives OVA translation

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    Smile Welcome to the Phantomhives OVA translation


    I will repeat myself because I'm not going to assume that everyone has read my Ciel in Wonderland translation.

    I'm actually translating these OVAs for Shinsen-Subs, but some of their staff seem to be very busy at the moment, so it will take some time before they manage to release the subbed versions. Still, I'm doing all the translations right away, so it's a bit of a waste to let them sit on my HD, hence I'm posting them here.
    This doesn't change the fact that my OVA translations are technically for Shinsen, so PLEASE avoid making high quality subs with them.

    This said...

    First of all, DO NOT REPOST this text translation ANYWHERE.

    So.... What can you do with this translation?
    Well, you can use it to create a YouTube fansub. Or very basic-quality avi fansub (but I'd rather you not). So in other words, make a sub and upload it on YouTube. People can download the FLV file if they want, there are plenty of programs to do that.
    Also, I know that I might be wasting my breath saying this, but... if one person decides to post a YouTube fansub, then I believe that one is enough. We don't need 30 people fansubbing the same video with the same translation. Feel free to discuss among yourselves if more than one person is willing to do it.

    We now have a subbed version thanks to kuromiko, so no need to make the effort to create a new one

    And... REMEMBER to credit. I'm always hesitant to post translations as text files like this because it's like saying "steal me *wink wink*", please don't make me regret it.

    By the way, I forgot to mention it, but if you want to retranslate this into another language feel free to do it, just remember to credit me of course

    Last but not least, enjoy the OVA

    EDIT: We have subs! XD
    Kuromiko was kind enough to promptly upload a subbed version on YouTube using my translation
    The links are here in her post.


    Elizabeth: Lady, this is Ciel's mansion.
    [note: Yes, she says "oneesama", but you can't really translate it literally, so I decided to just use Lady.]

    Sebastian: Welcome, Lady Elizabeth.

    E: Thank you, Sebastian.
    Ciel Ciel Ciel!

    S: We have been waiting for you, Young Lady.

    E: Lady, this is the Earl of Phantomhive, Ciel.
    Ciel, this is the Lady I wrote about in my letter.
    I met her at a ball last month, but she knows so many things that I liked her at first glance.
    I took her with me because I really wanted you to meet her too!

    Ciel: You're always the same...
    I'm the head of the Phantomhive household, Ciel Phantomhive.
    I hope that you will enjoy tonight's ball.
    Sebastian, entertain her.

    S: Certainly.
    Pleased to meet you, Young Lady.
    I am the Phantomhive butler, Sebastian Michaelis.
    By all means enjoy the Phantomhive entertainment.
    Welcome to the Phantomhives.


    Welcome to the Phantomhives


    S: This is the guest room.
    "What a beautiful room"? Thank you very much.
    All the furnishings are fine articles with a long history and were collected by the heads of the family.
    They are suitable items for a person of high rank, please feel free to utilize them.
    There are the late head of the Phantomhives, Earl Vincent Phantomhive, and his wife, Lady Rachel.
    Beside being very active in charitable works, they were also engaged in flood control works and the improvement of health care.
    They seemed to be very admired by the locals for this reason.
    I also hear that the Queen trusted them greatly.
    You may ask for details from my Master later, at tea time.
    Now please wait a mo-
    Please wait here. I will be back soon.


    S: So it was you.

    Bard: It's coz of this new burner!
    Just work, damn wreck!

    S: Do not come!
    Are you hurt, Young Lady?

    Ba: Sorry sorry, was about to burn it black.

    Mey-Rin: It IS black!

    Finny: Are you ok, Mr Sebastian?
    Uh, who is she?

    S: Here. She is a friend of Lady Elizabeth.
    She is an important guest for tonight's ball.

    Fi: Aah, so cute!

    Me: She's just like a doll.

    Ba: Yeah, she's quite the eyeful!


    S: Not only did I show you such a disgraceful scene, I even put you in danger...
    I really don't know how I can apologize for this...
    I did ask you to wait here, though.
    In any house there are things that should not be seen and secrets that should not be known.
    I would argue that it is somewhat impolite to stroll around a mansion you are visiting.
    Of course, if you wish to know, then it is different.
    "It's the first time I visit such a big mansion..."?
    You are a very curious person. Just like an innocent puppy that knows no fear.
    It is still early for tea time.
    How about visiting the mansion? I can show you, if you wish.
    Well then, allow me to escort you. Your hand, please.


    S: This is the recreation room.
    It is equipped with a variety of facilities, like billiards.
    In addition, we gathered here toys and other items designed by the Funtom Company.
    We endeavored to create a space where guests can spend a pleasant time.

    Lau: Oh, well well.
    It's a small place, but please feel free to stay here.
    In this recreation room we gathered a variety of facilities, like billiards, plus toys and other items designed by the Funtom Company, to create a space where anyone can spend a pleasant time.
    You can make yourself at home.

    S: Thank you for your detailed explanation.
    Though in fact it was a duplicate of mine.
    Young Lady, this is Mr Lau, head of the British branch of the Chinese trading company Kunlun.
    Mr Lau, this person is Lady Elizabeth's friend.

    L: You should be cautious.
    Many dangerous beasts are lurking in this mansion.
    Be careful not to be devoured.


    S: This is the library the Phantomhives pride themselves upon.
    The heads of the family were all avid readers, and the collection of this library can rival that of the Oxford-

    Soma: Oh, you came at the right time. I was getting bored!

    Agni: Prince Soma, you haven't finished studying.

    So: Agni, I need a break every once in a while.

    S: It does not really look like you were studying...
    Today we will be holding a tea party and a ball in honor of Lady Elizabeth's friend.

    Ag: Then this person is...

    S: Young Lady, they are friends of the Young Master.
    They are Prince Soma Asman Kadar, 26th Prince of the Princely State of Bengal, and his butler Mr Agni.

    Ag: Namasteji.

    S: Prince Soma, this person is...

    So: Cute.

    Ag/S: Yes?

    So: I-I'm Soma Asman Kadar.
    I like you!
    Would you become my maid?
    Well, if you prefer... even my wife...

    Ag: Prince Soma! At last, at last you found her! Your destined partner...
    Prince Soma, your happiness is my happiness!
    Oh, may the grace of the Goddess Kali protect your future!

    So: Agni...!

    S: Please do not embarass the Young Lady.
    If you wish to propose, please do it formally.
    It is almost time for tea.
    Shall we go, Young Lady?


    S: Today I have prepared Nilgiri, a tea that possesses a fragrant scent and an intense flavor.

    So: Nilgiri... What a nostalgic scent.

    L: I heard that its name means "blue mountains".
    It's quite an expensive tea.

    S: Today's sweet is Dundee Cake.
    It is made of rum-flavored pastry stuffed with dried fruit and topped with roasted almonds.

    E: It looks delicious!

    C: Hm, not bad.

    S: Thank you very much.
    Is that teacup to your liking?

    E: Oh? Wait, that is...!

    S: It is a Vienna Rose.
    I figured that the blooming rose on the teacup would bring out the Young Lady's beauty.

    E: Is it authentic?

    C: Yes. It's the genuine item loved by the Empress Maria Theresa.

    L: As usual, you own nice articles, Earl.
    I can't even imagine how much that would cost.

    everybody: Aah!

    E: Lady!

    S: Oh dear.

    L: Indeed, a crack in that cup would be a serious matter.

    C: Sebastian, take care of her. And prepare a change of clothes.
    Give her the dress in the dressing room.

    S: But Young Master, that dress is...

    C: I don't care.

    S: Certainly.
    Excuse me, Young Lady.


    S: Normally I would not be able to even see, let alone touch a lady's skin, but this is an emergency situation.
    Well then, excuse me.
    It looks perfect, Young Lady.
    Perhaps that cup was a little too heavy for your hands.
    Please pardon my lack of consideration.
    If it does not trouble you, my Master said that he would like to give this dress to you as a present.
    Please accept it.
    "Why are you doing all of this?"?
    You are our precious guest. As such, you deserve this treatment.
    Oh, the guests of the ball will be arriving soon.
    Please excuse me. You can wait in the guest room together with Lady Elizabeth.


    C: Welcome to the Phantomhive house.

    Abberline: Sorry for disturbing you.

    S: Oh, inspector Abberline.

    C: What is the Yard doing at a ball?

    Ab: There have been cases of women going missing at balls, so I'm here on patrol.

    S: Going missing?

    Ab: How terribly mean to target such young women!
    Scotland Yard will definitely arrest the culprit, please cooperate with us!

    man on the phone: So it is you. I see that you were able to sneak into the house.
    Hn, what a naive girl though. She really believed that you're from a noble family and readily invited you to the Phantomhive mansion.
    You know what you have to do. Kill that damn butler and kidnap Ciel Phantomhive.
    This way our brother Azzurro and the Ferro family will have their revenge.
    That butler uses some weird tricks, be careful.
    Oh well, I guess it will be an easy job for you, Venice's crackerjack killer.

    S: So you were here.
    The ball is about to begin.


    E: Tighter, tighter!
    Today is a special day. Make it tighter!

    Paula: Certainly.

    E: Ah, Lady!
    Look at this dress. Isn't it incredibly cute?
    Thank you! Yours is very cute too-
    This dress is...
    It looks wonderful on you.
    You should show it to Ciel at the... ball...

    Paula: Uh? Y-Young Lady!

    Druitt: Do not be afraid.
    Ooh. Your sleeping face is lovely too.
    I finally caught you, my pretty song thrush.


    Welcome to the Phantomhive's.


    C: She disappeared?

    E: What should we do...

    Paula: Young Lady...

    S: Take Lady Elizabeth to the guest room.
    I will bring some hot milk later.

    Paula: Ah, yes. Here, Young Lady, let's go.

    S: I found traces of sleeping drugs in the guest room.

    C: So they put her to sleep and took her away.
    Quite an audacious criminal.
    Especially because he did this under your nose.

    S: I am sorry.
    You had ordered me to entertain the guests in the hall.

    C: Tsk. A kidnapping in the house will bring dishonor upon the Phantomhive's... the Queen's Watchdog's name.
    It's an order, Sebastian. Take her back!

    S: Yes, My Lord.


    D: At last we are alone, my song thrush.
    You stole my heart at a ball some time ago, I've been looking for you ever since.
    What a sinful little bird, making me go crazy...
    Don't worry, no one will come.
    I had this luxury ship built just for you, I named it "Twittering of the Song Thrush".
    Let's go to the southern islands! Let's run away and live together!

    S: If you wish to go, please do it alone.

    D: You are...!

    S: So it was you, Vis-

    D: I am the messenger of the goddess of beauty, Masked Viscount.

    S: I am here to retrieve the Young Lady, Mr Masked Viscount.

    D: And so we're not allowed to be in love. Well then!

    S: Oh. Is that poison?

    D: Let's go to paradise, my song thrush. Where no one will follow us!

    Grell: You ca~nnot go!
    That girl is supposed to die tomorrow, you can't kill her yet, understood~?

    S: Mr Grell.

    G: Aah~, Sebas-chan! What a suprise to meet~ you~ here~.

    D: I won't let you stand in the way of our love.

    G: Uh?

    S: Young Lady!

    D: Together, we won't be afraid.

    G: Does he want to take the woman with him? What a nuisance.

    D: If our love is not allowed in life, then we will be together in Heaven!
    Like Tristan and Isolde...
    Let's go and take the end of this dream with us, my song thrush.

    S: I believe I told you. If you wish to go, please do it alone.

    G: You make me shiver, Sebas-chan.
    You make me shiver, throb, you make me spin faster than usual!

    D: Wha, no way!
    Wa, waah!
    Song thrush! I looove y-

    G: A messenger of the goddess of beauty has no chances to win against a shinigami and a demon.


    S: Are you awake, Young Lady?
    I am glad that you are fine.

    G: Say say~, Sebas-chan, in the end I helped too, didn't I~?
    Sooo~ carry me bridal style too!

    William: My my, I had to hunt you down once again.

    G: Will!

    W: How long are you going to dilly-dally, Grell Sutcliff?

    G: Aah, dallying with Sebas-chan, grappling and tangling with him, that'd be lovely~.
    Wait, I was doing my job, actually!!

    W: Uhm? Uuhm. Would you tell me your name?

    G: Gyaah!
    What are you doing!?

    W: This soul is not supposed to die.

    G: What?

    W: Look at the spelling of her name. One letter is different.
    It's the wrong person.

    G: Aw no, I made a slip, oopsie.

    W: Jeez, it's hard to work with dull-witted colleagues.
    Let's go. If we waste time here we might be robbed of other souls we need to collect.
    By a certain demon.

    S: Please be careful.
    The sea is dangerous at night.

    W: Come on, start rowing.

    G: Uuff, you're such a slave driver.
    See you~, Sebas-chan! Bye bye splash splash!

    S: Well then, let us return to the mansion.
    Please keep what you have seen to yourself.


    E: Lady, I'm so happy that you're safe...

    C: Lizzy, let her rest for a while.

    L: My my, what an unfortunate young lady.

    So: She's so cute, I can understand why someone would want to kidnap her.

    S: Please do not wake him up.
    The Young Master had to entertain all the guests alone while I was away.
    He even had to be careful not to let them realize what had happened inside the mansion.
    He must have been exhausted. I am sorry, Young Master.
    "Why?", is what I can read on your face.
    I listened to all your telephone calls.
    A lithe frame and that strong scent of death exuding from your skin.
    I see. You are an assassin hired by the Ferro family.
    What a nasty person. You took advantage of Lady Elizabeth to infiltrate the Phantomhive house.
    No wonder you know nothing about mansions and tea parties.
    I am glad that I showed you the house. This way you came here yourself and I can dispose of you without anyone else noticing.
    Where do you want to go?

    C: Sebastian. Was I sleeping?

    S: Yes, with your mouth ungracefully open.

    C: You could've woken me up then. You fiend.
    Uh, you are...

    S: She wanted to thank you, Young Master.

    C: Really?
    I am sorry. You had to go through all that because my mansion's security wasn't strict enough.
    As the head of the Phantomhive household, I take full responsibility for this incident.
    If you're willing to forgive me, take my hand.
    The ball in your honor has yet to begin.


    E: Happy birthday!

    C: Today's protagonist has arrived.

    L: Oh, I see.

    So: That dress looks great on you!

    E: Lady, we all gathered here to celebrate your birthday!

    S: The Young Master and Lady Elizabeth organized a birthday party for you in secret.
    I assume that the birthdate you told Lazy Elizabeth is fake, isn't it?
    Nevertheless, this day turned out to be a special day not only for Lady Elizabeth, but for the whole Phantomhive house as well.

    Ba: Sebastian, here it is.

    Fi: Sorry for the wait!

    E: Waah, what a beautiful cake!

    S: I prepared it with utmost care just for the Young Lady.

    E: Sebastian, sing a song to celebrate!

    S: The likes of me? It would be presumptuous...

    E: But we have a birthday cake, now we need a song!
    Please, do it for the Lady!

    S: If it is your wish then I cannot refuse, Lady Elizabeth. Well then.
    Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear..., happy birthday to you.
    Young Lady, I suppose your wrist still hurts from when I grabbed it.
    Please allow me to help you.
    I made this birthday cake for you. Here, aahn.
    The ball is starting.
    It looks like we are the only ones left.
    I can teach you the steps, if you wish. I suppose it is the first time you attend a ball, after all.
    Yes, relax, keep your composure, like you do when you murder people.
    "Why don't you kill me?", is what is written on your face.
    Ensuring that the ball takes place without hindrance is my duty as a butler.
    After all the time we spent preparing it I certainly do not want to soil it with human blood.
    Besides, my master ordered me to entertain you.
    Of course, if you were to target the Young Master again, I will mercilessly kill you.
    But since you came here as a guest, I will be sure to entertain you.
    Did you understand? If you did, say "woof", like a dog.
    Very well. This is our secret promise.
    "Are you in the trade?"?
    Oh no, I am no assassin.
    I am just one hell of a butler.


    E: Ciel... Lady...

    C: It seems that Lizzy likes you very much.
    I'm glad to have met you too.
    That dress belonged to my dead mother, feel free to keep it.

    S: Young Lady, the carriage is ready.

    C: Thank you very much for coming here today. Please come again.

    S: I will be waiting for you here at the Phantomhive house.
    Well then, goodnight.

    C: That was too much trouble.

    S: I am sorry.

    C: I'm tired. Make some tea.

    S: Certainly.
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    Thanks so much, Nayama, we appreciate all the time you put into writing these for us!!! *rep*
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    Thank you so much!!! ^_^

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    Thanks so much Nayama ! *-*

    Your translation made me love more this Ova ! At first I thought Sebastian was awfully sweet and kind with the lady, but now... I think I may change my jugement xD

    And : "C: Sebastian. Was I sleeping?

    S: Yes, with your mouth ungracefully open." ... Simply amazing xD
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    Thanks, Nayama! Sebastian seems more in character now that I know what he's saying.

    Image by ManekiNeko
    Image (c) Yana Toboso/Square Enix
    Provided by BA
    Cleaned by ManekiNeko

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    Thanks a lot!!

    It didn't make sense without the translation... and I have to admit that with the translations it still doen't make sense....

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    I'm doing the fansub.

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    She wasn't that much of a mary sue, at least not to Sebastian. He certainly wasn't charmed by her. But then, Sebastian himself is often described as a marty stu so I guess he would be immune to her charms.

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    Part 1 SUBTITLED: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QFigUJ0vQIU
    Part 2 SUBTITLED: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JtuVa5wEJls
    Part 3 SUBTITLED: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BbEzAuT1cV0

    Thanks for the translation, Nayama ^^

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    hmm i think that could have gone without the "lady" being an assassin...but nonetheless it was definitely an interesting OVA! thank you sooo much for the translation!!!!!!!!!!!

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