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Thread: so how come the actor who plays Grell is perfect?

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    so how come the actor who plays Grell is perfect?

    he's like 100% in tune with his Anime self and has a smile like a teenaged girl! Awwwwwwwww! <3 I think I'm in love. ^^
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    Alan: *trying to give a task to someone at work* "I need a man for -"
    Grell: "Oh, don't we all!" *glances over at Will*
    Will: *doesn't notice, fills out paperwork*
    Eric: "That's not a man, that's a bureaucrat."

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    Agreed XDD He really is the perfect Grell
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    It's because he KNOWS how to WORK his voice like a boss---be it manly or girly!

    EDIT: Had to say this---dem legs! They're...they'! *nosebleeds* Plus, he is gorgeous!
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    Yes, my god he's amazing. ;A; He's so... pretty and feminine, yet clearly male at the same time. Just like real Grell.
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    It takes a very secure man to play such perfection.

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    He is, isn't he?

    We already have a fanclub for him. Follow this link: and please continue fangirling/discussion there

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