When selecting a free character try and think about how much time you have to offer and the size of the role. If you want a large role for example, don't choose someone like Nina Hopkins. If a name isn't on the list it doesn't mean you can't choose that character, we are only listing the characters that we think are more needed.

Claimed characters:

Sebastian Michaelis - sanoiscari
Ciel Phantomhive - Juunana
Mey Rin - Solitaire
Baldroy - Miyotis
Finnian - PlaidPhantomhive
Elizabeth - SebbyxKitties
Agni - Kalina
Prince Soma - Dude_Cripple
Alois - sachelarot
Hannah - Ciel679
Grell Sutcliff - begger4mcgregor
Ronald Knox - grimmfaerie
Charles Grey - MercyPlain
Alan Humphries - CatnipTequila
Lau - HolyBrand
William T. Spears - SPNGirl18

Druitt - Open
Charles Phipps - Open
Claude Faustus - Open
Eric Slingby - Open
Ran Mao - Open
Abberline - Open
Undertaker - Open