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Where to get Alois's boots?
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Thread: Where to get Alois's boots?

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    Where to get Alois's boots?

    Hey, I am cosplaying Alois and I am having a hard time trying to find a pair of boots that look exactly like his (or at least pretty similar) that are not too expensive. $50 is the absolute most I plan on spending for the shoes. If you know where I can get them please tell me. Thanks
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    Good to know about boots

    What I am getting is that you are looking for a nice pair of boots, which are not only qualitative but also durable. You can purchase these kinds of boots from online shopping solutions.

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    Or another option is to stalk the Hot Topic website. I found a pair of boots perfect for an Alois cosplay on there. Then again, you could probably just go to a Hot Topic store. I prefer shopping online myself.

    Oh! And check their clearence section, too! My pair of boots was originally some 60-70$ and I got them for 20 in my size.

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