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    if you had to pick a black butler themed name for your children what would you pick i would pick ciel for boy and for girl tori because it is japanese for bird and bird is the name of the second season end theme

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    Don't name your child after an anime character. Do you want them to get bullied and beaten up in school? Why would you even do that. think about your choices and how you're going to put that on another person for 18 years.

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    This is straightly my personal opinion.

    I wouldn't give my children their first names by a manga/anime character, but I could consider giving their second or third names by one. They aren't used as often and if the parents think that the name is beautiful or fitting, why they couldn't do that? Last thing would fit to the thought of the first names too, if the name doesn't sound utterly absurd or something. There is many "simple" manga/anime names that doesn't sound like a plate of porridge. And some people like unique names (though they should try to think about their kids before naming them so that they wouldn't seek straight troubles or hate towards them).

    nospeednolife mentioned Ciel, and well, I find it very nice - a French word meaning "heaven", like Sora in Japanese. I still think that I wouldn't name a son by that. As you may agree, Ciel's name has a quite ominous atmosphere behind it.

    I haven't thought about characters' names that much as muses, but I like the thought that when Undertaker's real name is revealed (like it probably will be), and if it sounds good, I could use that name. I don't mean that I certainly would, it depends on many things.

    I haven't found any of the names very special yet - Soma would be a pretty name, but even too literally. "Soma" is one word for "pretty" in my native language, so. Imagine a boy named "Pretty".

    People, be happy that there is mostly English names in Black Butler! They are more international than Japanese names, for example.
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    I have a snail called Ash, does that count?

    Quote Originally Posted by Xoppa

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    it was only ment for a fun game kinda thing i didnt think people would be so serious about it

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    I don't see anything wrong about naming your kid after an anime character. Chances are the genral population wouldn't even know who that character is anyway (Or they'd think it's purely codincidental).

    If I had a kid in some alternate world (Because I'm not going to. It's gross) I'd probably name a girl Miku. If I had twins I'd name them Rin and Len, unless they're both girls then Kagami and Tsukasa, boys then Rin and Yukio. I'd name a boy Alois^^

    EDIT: Or I'd name the boy Claude and make him take tap dancing classes.

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    You would name your children after anime characters?
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    kagami and tsukasa from lucky star cute

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    like i said this was ment for fun but every one so serious i dont know why i think most people on here hate me for some reason

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    I think it's just some people don't know how to have fun :/

    Besides would you name your kid something bland like Jeffery or Taylor or Sabrina?

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