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Thread: Shimeji!

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    If this is in the wrong section, I apologize. D=

    Anyway, I just found something extremely cool called Shimeji. It's similar to FLELE, and since some people on BB seem to like it, I thought I'd share this as well.
    Like FLELE, Shimeji is having a chibi anime character appear on the computer screen, and they can walk around, climb up the screen, duplicate themselves (lol), and you can pick them up and drop them down. xD
    There's more info here on this:
    and here you can find different Shimeji characters to download:

    here's an example of how it looks from my screen:

    Izaya climbing, Prussia walking.. xD

    Unfortunately there aren't many Kuroshitsuji characters, except for Sebastian, but for some reason the Seb file wouldn't open for me. ;_;

    In the bottom right corner, there's commands of action you can give the characters by right-clicking their own little icon, and since it's in Japanese here's the translation:
    1. Add one [one will fall from the sky]
    2. Come here! [it will come running to the mouse]
    3. Down to one [delete all but one]
    4. Bring back my IE [...if it dropkicks your internet ]
    5. Bye [To turn it off]

    So yeah I think that's it. XD

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    Oooh, do I sense more desktop pets for me to go crazy downloading? XD

    Those things sure are cute. I wonder what other Hetalia characters they have...
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    I want the Izaya one ^^
    they're really cute o.o I'm going to have my own personal army of chibis that roam my desktop
    going to download this to my PC later, any reborn ones?

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    Aww so cute, thanks for the links <3!
    Izaya is.. CUTEEEE

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    Oh they're so cute
    The Sebastian wont work for me either
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    Quote Originally Posted by drifter View Post
    they're really cute o.o I'm going to have my own personal army of chibis that roam my desktop
    going to download this to my PC later, any reborn ones?
    For Reborn, I only see an Xanxus one. I want a Hibari one.. xD

    I found one with a WORKING SEBASTIAN!!!!
    this site:

    you have to download the anime pack though, but Seb's in it, and it works! On mine it does.
    Lolol it's so cute when he's climbing: "Yes, my Lord." XD
    there's also more DRRR!! Kida and Mikado.

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    Downloading that anime pack now
    Xanxus is cute

    thank you for the working sebastian link

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    I have all K-POP artist and a few of Kuroshitsuji Shimeji/Desktop Buddies... *sorry i forgot the download links T^T*
    You has to have the latest Java edition to make the shimeji/Desktop Buddies work. ONLY WORKS FOR WINDOWS NOT MAC
    To activate you have to click the Clickme.jar[the one with Java icon] and next click the shimeji.exe [the one with some character popup from the screen icon] The shimeji/Desktop Buddies is been very popular in Japan and Korea, you can also made it your self, it's simple and easy. You can see the tutorial here:
    i've done making Alois shimeji and now i'm making Claude shimeji gonna share it when it's done

    Also if you like K-POP and wan't to download the Shimeji you can download it here:

    I hope this helps

    Welcome in this wonderland

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    Oh I love these. So glad there are Kuroshitsuji versions, I've only found the hetalia ones so far ^^. Thank you for making me aware!

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    Heads up, there's a >Ronald Knox< one now.

    Cuteness. All over my screen. >ALL OVER.< And now there's three times as many. I just wish they would stop throwing my browser away XD
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